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Water Treatment System

We provide water services in the semiconductor · LCD electronic industries · power plants · petroleum · chemical · pharmaceutical plants and food factories as well as turnkey project services from package product manufacturing and design to building and commissioning.


As demand for water increases in the industrial sector, we provide stabilized water for industrial uses or demineralized water in all regions.

Gravity filter
Pressure filter
Micro filtration
Ultra filtration

Demineralization · Ultra-pure water treatment

We supply demineralized water for industrial uses by filtering pretreated water in the reverse osmosis, ion exchange and electro-deionization processes.

Reverse Osmosis
Membrane deaerator
Condensate polisher

Potable water system

The potable water treatment system is to obtain a potable water.

Seawater electro-hypochlorite system

The seawater electro-hypochlorite system is to prevent an adhesion and growth of shellfish and algae inside seawater pipe lines and tubes.

Seawater desalination system

It is a seawater desalination plant for the use of seawater as Industrial water and potable water.

Cooling tower blow-down reuse system

This is a water treatment system for effective reuse of cooling tower make-up water.

Dechlorination system

It is a facility to remove resided chlorine from water for industrial use.

Chemical dosing system

It is a facility to inject chemical into boiler feed water make-up system, potable water treatment system and cooling water cycling system.